Issac Newton in one of his letters in 1676 wrote If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

We here at moldedbits also learn from such giants working in software development. This article is one of those cases.

Although the argument of pair programming is very old and various studies has been published about it both in favour and against pair programming but the arguments and results of various experiments are in favour of pair programming to such an extent that almost every development team adopts this in their software development strategy and so do we.

Kent Beck the another Giant, who strongly put forward the case of pair programming in his great work on Extreme programming is a true inspiration to all of us.

But sometimes i feel some development teams do not understand it completely or use it’s distorted version. They think putting two people on same project is a pair programming because there is a pair working on a given problem also Sometimes they take shortcut and resort to Code reviewing rather then actual pair programming.

Now i am not going into much detail here because it will be just reiteration of things which has already been said but to convey my point i would like to stand on shoulders of Giants and would like to refer this great study Strengthening the Case for Pair Programming.

We hope this will help your team as it has helped ours.

Happy coding!

The moldedbits Team

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